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Posted by: amyk 8/14/2008 9:01 PM

 I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  Here in Michigan, the summer seems to fly by with so few warm, sunny days!

 We have been enjoying every minute of these warm, summer days.  We have been swimming in my sister's pool, going to various lakes, and we just got home from a week of camping.  The girls leave for church camp next week and then it is back to school already!

 Kenna will be starting 3rd grade, Shyanne will be in 5th grade (which is middle school in our district!), and Benjamin will be in Kindergarden.  They are all excited to go back to school.  As for me,  I am never ready for them to go back but after the first couple weeks, we get back in our groove and all is well.

 As for "Joy in the Morning", God has been working in a powerful way and we are humbled, grateful, and excited to see HIM through our lives.  Both Ben and I have had several oppertunities to share our testimony and God always shows up and moves in people's heart which is what it is all about to us! 

 We have had a lot of book sales lately from people who were searching the Internet for information or help for a child with Guillain Barre or who were looking for a book about children with GBS.  This is encouraging to us because that is such a big part of why I wrote this book and to see that coming to fruition is truly fufilling.

 As far as our health, I am so happy to say we are all doing great!  Kenna is still showing marked healing and progress even from last summer.  Here it is three years later and she is still improving, praise God!  She will still have OT and PT at school this year but no restrictions beyond that!

 As for me, I am also improving everyday it seems.  I am now singing on the Praise team again (and to think just 4 months ago, I was unable to sing a note!), speaking, and reading out loud (still working on that one).  Most of my "higher level thinking" has returned and the right side weakness is almost completely gone.  I also have been seizure free for 6 months now so I got my drivers license back as well (although with the price of gas maybe I should get a bike! ).

 We are truly greatful for all our family and friends who love us and support us everyday.  We do not take for granted all the love we have from our church family as well as our friends and family.  God has really been so faithful to us and we are so excited for a bright, wonderful future- all glory to God for the great things HE has done!

Here are a few links to some websites you might enjoy:  this tracks my progress from the day I got home from the hospital until now.  There is even a clip of me singing :) this has an incredible video on it that Ben made *tissue warning!* this is my carepage.  If you go back to the first entry, you can read my story and follow my progress to my amazing healing!  the carepage name is: amykun

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Re: Life updates and interesting links    By Al J and Yvonne Bytwork on 2/3/2009 9:54 AM
Thank you Lord for taking this dear family thru GBS and a stroke --to great service.

Thanks Amy and Ben for sharing your story with video. Al J and Yvonne 3Jo2

Re: Life updates and interesting links    By Nathan on 5/25/2009 6:51 PM
Hey Mrs. Amy!
Please drop me a note at
Thank you so much!!!

Your name:
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